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Watersports Activity Map

Activities map - Swansea Bay 4 Watersports with Centres of Excellence

Swansea Bay – Watersports activity map.

Get a guided tour of the Bay with the SB4W map.

Watersports are on offer throughout the Bay, so there’s always lots to choose from. If you’re wondering what to do and where, take a look at the map and you’ll see exactly what sea and sand activities you can do along our coast. Click the above image for a full size version and have a browse.

Or if you’re ever looking for a pocket guide when you’re out and about, why not download the SB4W Watersports Buddy? It’s our free app that has info on operators, offers and events, there’s a few hidden features too! Find out more about SB4W Watersports Buddy

Need further inspiration on what watersport to try? Then check out our useful links below; you’ll find details on all of our operators and a superb selection of images and videos!

Useful links.

Watersports activities in Swansea and Mumbles
A list of Watersport activity providers in Swansea and Mumbles.

Watersports activities in Rest Bay and Porthcawl
A list of Watersport activity providers in Rest Bay and Porthcawl

Free mobile app
‘SB4W Watersports Buddy’ is an interactive pocket guide to watersports in Swansea Bay.

Swansea Bay 4 Watersports photo gallery
A gallery of watersports photos for inspiration.

Swansea Bay 4 Watersports video gallery
A gallery of watersports videos to get a little taster.